Jennifer Woodwell


Jennifer Woodwell

Jennifer brings 7 years of experience in holistic health and wellness to her clients in an approach that is effective in reducing pain, improving body movement, and actually helps heal soft tissue and the body. Patients often come in with pain in specific areas only for Jennifer to discover these hot-spots are manifesting the symptoms of problems which lie elsewhere. Her approach with clients is about getting to and treating the root cause of issues. Jennifer comes to Collin County Cryo first, as a client that has greatly benefited from cryotherapy in reducing inflammation and joint pain, and now, as an employee and a key member of this team that loves the wellness approach.


Trained in:

      • Myofascial Release
      • Therapeutic Massage
      • Reflexology Massage
      • Pre Natal Massage
      • Medical Massage
      • Hot Stone Therapy
      • Deep Tissue Massage
      • Swedish Massage