Mash’d is a restaurant with an attitude. This unique eatery, located at 401 Preston Rd., in Frisco TX is all about celebrating the rebellious American spirit. As such, the aim of the restaurant is to provide patrons with an extraordinary experience in a high energy atmosphere that includes music, laughter and drinks. Mash’d is the place to go to relax, connect with friends and celebrate life.

Part of the appeal of Mash’d involves moonshine and cocktails made with what the restaurant terms, hillbilly mixology. Happy Hours is 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday when patrons can get half off virtually any alcoholic drink whether it is a specialty cocktail, a glass of beer or a glass of wine. You call it, you get it at a reduced price. Among the moonshine drinks you’ll find here are S&S Tea, Blue Moon Mojito, Berry Good Lemonade and Bootleg Mule. The bar area is large and includes outdoor as well as indoor seating.

Not only does Mash’d have outstanding and creative drinks, but the food is also just as amazing as the menu offers a combination of traditional cooking, creative cutting edge dishes and unique flavorings. Customer favorites include chicken and biscuits, bootleg ribs, Mashd’s meatloaf, chicken wings and other traditional fare. For the more adventurous, try Asian lemongrass salad, a seasonal mix of superfoods called the powerbowl, avocado “toast” pizza or the spicy moonshine that includes Syracuse sausage, broccoli, potatoes and grilled corn tossed in your choice of srichacha, Caribbean or Cajun flavoring.

You’ll even find a brunch menu for Sundays, along with gluten-free and vegetarian options. Lest you think that Mash’d is all about the booze, it’s not as there is also a children’s menu. This Frisco TX restaurant is often crowded during peak times, so reservations are recommended.

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