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Collin County Cryo offers state-of-the-art whole body cryotherapy (WBC)facial cryotherapytargeted cryotherapyairbrush tanningmassage therapyhydromassageinfrared sauna, Normatec compression therapy, Celluma LED light therapy, IV therapy, B-12 Injections, Body Sculpting & Contouring, Cryo T Shock and esthetic services, which are all designed to improve your health and wellness. We take a personal interest in your results and experience so we consistently follow up with our customers to obtain valuable feedback. 

We’re a team who’s passionate about health and wellness; we work with you to find solutions to fit your lifestyle and make a positive difference in your life. Our services have many benefits: athletic performance and recovery, health and wellness, injury recovery, pain management, weight loss, improved mood, stress management, beauty, anti-aging, skin care, chronic pain, and much more. Get in touch with us today to find out more about how we can help you feel your best! 

  • Holly is awesome! The best tan I've ever had. Stunning glow for days!

    Lexie Panhellenic Avatar
    Lexie Panhellenic

    I absolutely love Collin County Cryo! Holly is so so wonderful and the rest of the staff just treats you... read more

    Taylor Sheffield Avatar
    Taylor Sheffield

    Best spray tans ever! I love, love Holly & how friendly & freaking funny she is! She has taken such... read more

    Angela Fox Adams Avatar
    Angela Fox Adams
  • Cryo’s Benefits are Awesome and I try to go daily! I enjoy mixing the other treatments in as well! Super... read more

    Chase Lockwood Avatar
    Chase Lockwood

    My massage was AWESOME! I would definitely recommend.

    Nick Wooley Avatar
    Nick Wooley

    Have personally used several of their services and have been thoroughly pleased with all of them. The hydro massage was excellent!

    Leah Mitchell-Combs Avatar
    Leah Mitchell-Combs
  • I love this place. The staff made me feel welcomed the minute I walked through the door. I got my... read more

    Kayci Bess Avatar
    Kayci Bess

    This place is FABULOUS!! Will definitely be back!!

    Jennifer Jones Kissinger Avatar
    Jennifer Jones Kissinger

    Superior service. Has done wonders helping decrease my RA pain. I'm very happy.

    Greta Morgan Avatar
    Greta Morgan
  • Love, LOVE this place! Cryo is really helping, Jennifer for massage therapy is amazing! Thanks for just making my life better!!

    Nicole Peralta Avatar
    Nicole Peralta

    My spray tan turned out amazing! Holly is so fun and does an amazing job making the color look natural.

    Tina Greene Avatar
    Tina Greene

    This was the best thing I’ve added to my life. THANK YOU for your amazing service !

    Andrina Sansing Avatar
    Andrina Sansing
  • Awesome first experience! Holly and the staff are very knowledgeable and helpful!! I'll be back!

    Lindsay Graff Avatar
    Lindsay Graff

    I can't say enough great things about this place. My daughter has been here for cryo and for spray... read more

    Dawn Frentz Avatar
    Dawn Frentz

    Highly recommend!!

    Great results and amazing owner.

    Blake West Avatar
    Blake West
  • Best spray tan experience ever!!
    Love how holly pays attention to detail- very important!
    These guys ROCK!!! �

    Kara Cosper Stephens Avatar
    Kara Cosper Stephens

    Holly can give one awesome SPRAY TAN & it lasts for several days! The HYDRO MASSAGE is so relaxing! Can’t... read more

    Lessley Ballenger Avatar
    Lessley Ballenger

    Wow! After 10 celluma sessions my cystic acne has relaxed. My skin tone and texture have improved and no new... read more

    Jessica Noffsinger Avatar
    Jessica Noffsinger
  • Thanks Holly for working us in today! Fantastic service! 🏆🥇

    Stephanie Keeter Hecke Avatar
    Stephanie Keeter Hecke

    I recently had a spray tan done by Holly. Holly did a phenomenal job! My tan is perfect, I... read more

    Rosalee Rock Avatar
    Rosalee Rock

    Collin County Cryo has people that care about you. They care about your experience and they care about your health.... read more

    Nelson Everette Avatar
    Nelson Everette
  • Amazing experience! Super-clean facility, knowledgeable and friendly staff. Highly recommend!

    Andrea Rogers Mersiovsky Avatar
    Andrea Rogers Mersiovsky

    I got my spray tan last night and I 💙 it! Thank you Holly for customizing it just for me.

    Becky Cassidy Avatar
    Becky Cassidy

    Awesome experience. Used Cryofacial, and infrared sauna. Very knowlegeable about services and great knowing supervised by a nurse.

    Sherri Bowles Williams Avatar
    Sherri Bowles Williams
  • Cryo has been amazing and has helped tremendously with recovery!

    Paul Seeley Avatar
    Paul Seeley

    Great friendly Potts family. Holly looks after and genuinely cares for every patient. Cryo keeps me going and I feel... read more

    Tawnia King Avatar
    Tawnia King

    Greay service and perfect spray tan. I leave feeling better than when I arrive.

    Sarah Ott Avatar
    Sarah Ott
  • Love the people and the opportunities for better health at Collin County Cryo! A 3 minute cryo session a... read more

    Jolene Benz Mawson Avatar
    Jolene Benz Mawson

    Great people. Enjoyed it. i will be back!

    Cathy Smith Avatar
    Cathy Smith

    I have never felt so welcomed and cared about as I do here. This place and the staff are a... read more

    Tonya Harris Carney Avatar
    Tonya Harris Carney


Collin County Cryo is the only medically-supervised cryotherapy provider in North Texas with a Registered Nurse on staff. In addition, our team members continue their education and training as it becomes available. We also regularly attend health and wellness seminars and industry trade shows to learn more about the latest trends and technology in health and wellness. We are committed to providing professional, friendly, caring, cost-effective services to the communities we serve.


At Collin County Cryo, you are a part of our family. We value each of our customers and do our best to provide personalized service and exceptional attention to detail.


With decades of industry expertise, we are passionate about helping meet your wellness needs. We are confident we have the right solution for you and will work with you to achieve positive results.



At Collin County Cryo, we don’t settle. We provide top-of-the-line equipment and unmatched services. We pride ourselves on offering a wide array of quality, life-changing options within the health and wellness space.